Leigh Consulting is best suited to serve as your provider because Leigh possesses well rounded, long tenured consultants, deep management technology knowledge and experience and project management expertise and discipline. All combine to provide our clients successful project delivery and ongoing support services. 

Leigh feels the key success factors for your project are proper planning with enduring discipline, proper fit gap analysis and extensive management technology expertise to execute the upgrade given implementation of new frameworks such as Fluid, AWE and PTF. Leigh plans to dedicate a healthy allocation of time at the onset of the project for planning combined with fit gap analysis and proper planning post fit gap analysis for customization retrofitting and business process reengineering where needed. Proper planning will breed successful execution. 

Project Management will be the central focus to the project delivery. Kimberly will lead the team and provide proper rigor to meet client expectations. Her extensive background and experience in this space will provide the team and client the leadership qualities needed to meet project objectives and beyond.  


Additional Services

Systems Architecture
Leigh Consulting has reviewed and provided our clients strategic systems architecture advisory services. Between business and technology evolving at rapid rates, we meet with clients periodically for reviews. It keeps the client abreast of what is available in the marketplace and what technologies and services may complement each client.  


Data Solutions
Leigh Consulting leverages a multitude of technologies to meet client needs in business intelligence and data warehousing. Our consultants are experienced in ERP offerings in this space due to ease of integration with the ERP platform. However, Leigh Consulting offers more traditional data warehousing development services as well as a variety of reporting packages.


Cloud Migrations
The cloud offers many benefits to organizations. Leigh Consulting offers advisory and integration services to assist clients in determining what is best fit for their organization. Our services include:

  • Cloud assessments, what is it and is it right?
  • Cost benefit analysis and risk assessments
  • Security assessments
  • Integration
  • Lift and move, “Pivot” strategy for running in the cloud


Cyber Security
Leigh Consulting offers cyber security services to secure clients from the ever-growing threats organizations face today. Our services include: 

  • Industry certified consultants (CISSP)
  • Security assessments and reviews – strategy and roadmap with ISO2700x
    • Policy, Organization of Security, HR, Asset Management, Cryptography
    • Physical and Environmental, Network, Operations, Incident Mgmt.
  • Cloud Security assessments
  • SIEM Tools
  • Identity and Access Management
  • DR and Business Continuity
  • Partnerships with best of breed security solutions


Mergers and Acquisitions
Leigh has participated in many mergers and acquisitions projects over the years as our clients grow and divest. Our services include: 

  • Pre-merger diligence and system assessments
    • Infrastructure
    • Enterprise Applications
    • Security
    • Processes
    • Change Management
  • TSA creation and review
  • TSA governance and IT leadership during TSA period
  • System and process optimization and consolidation